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H.Blyth & Co reserves the right to modify or withdraw any products from the website with or without prior warning. If modifications are made without prior notification it is the customer’s responsibility to make sure they are aware of these changes.

We take utmost care that product information and descriptions are correct and accurate. However you also acknowledge that there may be inaccuracies or errors in the information provided on the website. H.Blyth & Co. will not be liable for any losses occurred due to inaccurate descriptions, information or images on the website. Our liability is confined to the value of the product alone.

Suitability for use

Whilst H.Blyth & Co. take good care to maintain the highest of standards of quality in their products, it is however the customers responsibility to ensure that the goods purchased are suitable for their particular requirements. If you change your mind, you are welcome to return your items according to our returns policy below.

Many of our products are made from natural substances whose behavior can vary in different environments, and their structure can also vary according to the process used in their assembly. H.Blyth & Co. will, in no circumstances, entertain claims for the value of work alleged to have been adversely affected by use of any our products, which prove to be unsatisfactory to the user. Our liability is therefore confined to the value of the goods alone.


All personal information entered into our website when an order is made is treated in the strictest confidence. All your information will be retained on a secure server purely for use in relation to the processing of your order. Upon registering, your email address will be added to our monthly newsletter, which you can opt out of at any time. We never share your email address with third parties.

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Value Added Tax at a rate of 20% is added to all orders within the EU.


Please enquire with the store about discounts for large orders. Packs and boxes are already discounted but if you are spending over £200 you may be eligible for a further discount.